Time to disrupt $263Bn advertising industry! Start your business with just $250/month!

Data & User Habits drive this market, businesses have realized it and now are spending up to 50% on digital medium and this percentage is up to 70% for small and medium type businesses. Be part of this industry!

Business Evaluation Checklist

Market Growth

$262Bn Advertising & Media Market, with 50% spent on a digital segment. Globally the market is growing at 7% annually.

Traditional advertising segments like TV, Print, Out of Home (Billboard etc) & Radio are declining, whereas the market is growing at 7% globally.

Digital Mediums like Google Search, Social, Mobile & Apps are growing around 14% plus and cannibalizing other mediums. Digital Mediums’ share is now up to 50% of the total marketing and advertising market.

Small Businesses who could not afford to advertise on TV & Radio now are looking at advertising on cheaper and rewarding digital mediums.

Digital Promise

Allows businesses to market locally at lean budgets. A campaign can be around likes, user habits, geo location and one or multiple mediums, for one day or a month.

99% of businesses plan to up digital marketing spend this year.

There is a big ‘Digital Divide’ between mega businesses and small ones. This digital divide is an Opportunity to serve the SME segment and manage their Digital Investments. eCanuks Entrepreneurs are here to fill this void.

Small Businesses who could not afford to advertise on TV & Radio, but need help to plan their digital campaigns.

Start up Cost

For any technology business, the startup cost ranges from taking an office, hiring a team, investing in equipment, buying software licenses etc. This can run in thousands of dollars.

Finding the right talent is key, it’s not always available and retaining with talent is a huge ask too.

Getting a reliable outsourcing service is always a huge question mark. Reliability, consistency and timely delivery is not always there.

Keeping up with the range of digital services digital services will always an issue. Usually, single dimensional services do not work, a range is always healthy and more profitable be an issue.

Acquiring Customers

Some of the small business are ‘brick & mortar’ businesses, i.e. do not have a footprint on digital mediums. This opportunity is tremendous, as eCanuks Entrepreneurs can help make a long-term road map for them, help them to build or revamp their website, mobile app and social pages, all this, at a small recurring cost.

Local businesses are willing to spend on digital as they need to do it for their survival. These can be services based companies, retail stores, events, government or causes.

Average spent on digital services ranges from $1000 to $3000 per month per customer. As an eCanuks Entrepreneur, this can be managed very easily. So signing up 10 customers can result in a monthly turnover of $10,000 to $30,000.

Digital marketing is mostly done on a recurring basis, so an annual budget is committed and managed monthly. If a customer comes on board, services well will become a long-term customer.

Some FAQs before you decide:

I am not tech or digital savvy.

You don’t have to be tech or digital savvy. eCanuks will help you run the business. We will train you for sales and manage all the technical aspects of the business, its like having a tech team working for you.

What Services can I sell?

As an eCanuks Entrepreneur, you can sell the entire portfolio of digital services offered by eCanuks.

Websites & Mobile Apps, Domain Purchase, Branding & Logos, Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Business Services.
How quickly can I start?

You can commence your business within one week of signing up.

Do I need to do this full time?

It is up to you, you can do this full time or part-time, all you need to do is work locally and use your social network to get business.

How much can I earn monthly?

Depends upon how aggressive you are, you can earn up to $10,000 monthly, if you are able to get 10 recurring customers.

Do I need to hire a team?

No team is required, you can work all by yourself, eCanuks’ team will be your extended team.

Do I need any equipment investment?

If you have a Laptop & a Mobile Phone, you need nothing else.

Is there a setup cost?

Yes, there is a setup cost, when you sign up as an eCanuks Entrepreneur, we will train you, build your website, social accounts, do search optimization for you for an initial period, and get you going. Sign up the form and an eCanuks Business Consultant will handhold you all the way.

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Start selling

You are all set and start talking to potential customers within your community, a team is there to support you all the way.

Our objective is to churn out Digital Entrepreneurs. We will handhold you all the way, you need to concentrate on local businesses and your social network for leads, we will do the delivery of digital services on your behalf. Fill in the form and get started.

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eCanuks empowers ambitious entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Wanted to start a new career, work for myself, with eCanuks I handle clients from Canada, USA and UAE, I have not hired anyone, and earn very good recurring revenues selling web, mobile and social services.


I am a creative designer, after signing up with eCanuks, now I can sell many more services to my clients and make 4 time more revenues! I am a proud eCanuks Entrepreneur!


I lost my job due to downsizing, I heard of eCanuks, got trained and now sell within my community and make decent income. I don’t have to worry about the backend, and its great additional income for me. Now my wife is helping me too.


We strive to to train and equip Digital Entrepreneurs, to serve this untapped market. We will handhold you all the way, no prior experience required. You can concentrate on selling to local businesses and within your social network. Our team will do the delivery of digital services on your behalf. Fill up the form and get started.

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